The Banquet on the street. Baumana in Kazan to 30 people

The Banquet on the street. Baumana in Kazan to 30 people

The Banquet on the street. Baumana in Kazan to 30 people

The Banquet on the street. Baumana in Kazan to 30 people. В Гудини можно задушевно посидеть с подругами, wonderful rest for a family dinner, triple a nice dinner with the second half, grab a tasty draft beer with friends on the summer terrace! You will find yourself in fashion, the exceptional place, with original interior and excellent menu. Our location in 2 минутках от Кремля и можем предложить каждому клиенту уютную и элегантную ауру. Of course, all this only on working days, поскольку в вечер выходного тут планируются большие вечеринки, which gradually becomes a afterparty early.

Стены помещения в цвете маренго пропитаны деятельностью великого иллюзиониста – Harry Houdini. As he is stunned his contemporaries with incredible illusion, также и наш бар удивляет гостей качественным сервисом, exquisite atmosphere for any company, as well as an amazing assortment set hot drinks and a wide menu,, consisting of hundreds of dishes.

If you still, You are curious, с какой стати Вам надо навестить наш бар, представляем Вам лишь короткий перечень тех эмоций, that You can get here:

” Caucasian shashlik on a real grill stone.

” Huge menu selection.

” Juicy flavor of a real pizza.

” More than thirty flavors of hookahs different fortress.

” 10 types of beer, 40 varieties of elite alcohol, Over 35 names of wine.

” Great facility in Tatarstan.

Настоящие ценители лакомой еды и гурманы знаменитых яств действительно оценят наше большое меню, which includes:

” Italian menu;

” Kazan kitchen;

” European kitchen;

” Russian menu;

” Georgian dishes;

” Tatar national cuisine;

The café Houdini You will be able to taste the alcohol:

” All kinds of whiskeys;

” The most delicious draught beer;

” Tequila, rum, gin and other selected beverages;

” Elite wine;

It offers: chicken Tabaka, delicious sweets, delicious sausages Munich, salad with red fish, Caesar salad with shrimp, grilled vegetables – just incredible!

To reserve a table here easily. Call our Manager, and we will give You the best table! It is important that, кафе встречает посетителей круглые сутки и мы всегда рады встретить Вас по высшему разряду в любое время! Go, cool vacation You provided!