Where to go for the ul. Baumana in Kazan 25 Mar

Where to go for the ul. Baumana in Kazan 25 Mar

Where to go for the ul. Baumana in Kazan 25 Mar

Where to go for the ul. Baumana in Kazan 25 Mar. You will find yourself in the prestigious, a unique place, with an impeccable menu and original interior. Именно тут Вы можете задушевно пообщаться в женской компании, great time for a delicious lunch, to enjoy a romantic dinner with your loved one, SIP delicious beer on tap with friends on the summer porch! We work in the geographical center of Kazan (we are located in the 2-minutes from the Kremlin) и готовы предоставить Вам уютную и модную ауру. Of course, all this only during the week, так как вечером выходного здесь организовываются непревзойденные тусовки, which smoothly in the early after-party.

Стены окрашенные в тона маренго пропитаны душой популярного фокусника – Harry Houdini. As he was contemporaries with unique creativity, также и наш бар восхищает гостей максимально удобным сервисом, luxurious atmosphere, as well as damaging assortment set of alcohol and elegant menu, consisting of many dishes.

Provided, that still, You wonder, от чего Вам надо наведаться в наш бар, we present only a short list of emotions:

” 10 types of beer, 40 varieties of elite alcohol, Over 35 names of wine.

” Caucasian shashlik on a real grill stone.

” Juicy flavor of a real pizza.

” Huge menu selection.

” Great facility in Tatarstan.

” More than thirty flavors of hookahs different fortress.

Ценители вкусной еды и гурманы известных блюд по-настоящему расценят большой каталог, includes:

” Russian menu;

” European kitchen;

” Georgian dishes;

” Kazan kitchen;

” Italian menu;

” Tatar national cuisine;

Here You can taste the alcohol:

” Expensive wine;

” Delicious beer on tap;

” Rum, gin, tequila and other alcoholic beverages;

” Real whiskey;

Also, the Client can not wait: delicious sausages Munich, chicken Tabaka, Caesar salad with shrimp, grilled vegetables, delicious sweets, salad with red fish – unimaginably yummy!

To order place here is not difficult. Keep touch with our Manager, and we will find You a great seat! It is important that, мы работаем круглыми сутками и мы рады принять Вас на высшем уровне в любое время! Come join us!