Where to go for the ul. Baumana in Kazan 9 may

Where to go for the ul. Baumana in Kazan 9 may

Where to go for the ul. Baumana in Kazan 9 may

Where to go for the ul. Baumana in Kazan 9 may. You will be able to get to extraordinary, trendy place, with original interior and excellent menu. В нашем баре Вы сможете хлебнуть разливного пива в кругу близких друзей на летней террасе, to order a romantic dinner with your beloved, sincerely chat with friends, relax over a gourmet lunch! Наша геолокация в в 2-ух минутах от Кремля и предоставляем гостям элегантную и уютную атмосферу. Needless to say, all this only on weekdays, так как в вечер выходного в нашем баре организовываются умопомрачительные тусовки, fades into the pre-dawn afterparty.

Стены помещения в цветах маренго словно пропитаны творчеством самого великого иллюзиониста Harry Houdini. As he shook his contemporaries unimaginable creativity, так и наше кафе поражает гостей удобным сервисом, a refined environment for any company, as well as a great range of alcohol and a huge menu, consisting of hundreds of dishes.

Настоящие ценители смачно покушать и гурманы знаменитых блюд по-настоящему оценят широкий каталог, includes:

” Dishes from the Kazan region;

” European kitchen;

” Tatar national menu;

” Russian dishes;

” Georgian menu;

” Italian cuisine;

Provided, what You're wondering, why You should stop at the light in Houdini, we present You a small list of sensations, what You can get here:

” Modern café-bar on Bauman in city.

” Over 35 names of wine, 10 types of beer, 40 varieties of elite alcohol.

” Real BBQ real barbecue made of stone.

” Bright aroma of Italian pizza in a big assortment set.

” A broad list of delicious dishes.

” More 25 the unique flavors of hookahs of different strength.

В кафе Гудини Вы имеете возможность изведать алкогольные напитки по любому поводу и для любой компании:

” Tequila, gin, rum and other drinks;

” The most delicious wine;

” Delicious beer on tap;

” Excellent whiskeys;

And, Caesar salad with shrimp, vegetables on the grill, chicken Tabaka, breathtaking dessert dishes, salmon salad, grilled Bavarian sausages – incredible yummy!

Book a table here is not difficult. Call our Manager, and we will find You a good seat! In this case, кафе работает круглосуточно и готовы принимать Вас в любое время суток! We are waiting for You in our bar, a cool holiday is guaranteed!