On the street. Baumana in Kazan cafes Tatar cuisine

On the street. Baumana in Kazan cafes Tatar cuisine

On the street. Baumana in Kazan cafes Tatar cuisine

On the street. Baumana in Kazan cafes Tatar cuisine. You will get the stylish, a wonderful place, with original interior and excellent menu. Here You can order a romantic dinner with your beloved, a great place to relax over a gourmet lunch, beer on tap with your colleagues on the summer terrace, to hold quiet gatherings with my best friends for geographical wine! Our location in a two minute walk from the Kremlin and can offer guests a trendy and comfortable atmosphere. Of course, listed only on weekdays, in the evening week enda in our café organizes a mind-blowing party, which fades into morning afterparty.

The walls are painted in color of Marengo is full like the creativity of the great magician – G. Houdini. As he, our institution is staggering customers a luxurious atmosphere for various companies, pleasant service, and of course the amazing assortment alcohol kit and a huge menu, which consists of hundreds of specialty dishes.

In our bar You can taste alcoholic beverages on any pretext and for various companies:

” Delicious beer on tap;

” Tequila, gin, rum and other expensive spirits;

” Selected wine;

” Great whiskeys;

If you still, You are curious, therefore You should visit the café Houdini, here only small list of emotions:

” Juicy taste of real pizza.

” Delicious barbecue on this grill.

” Giant menu.

” Over thirty flavors of tobacco in the hookah.

” 40 varieties of elite alcohol, Over 35 names of wine, 10 types of beer.

” Well known cafe in the heart of Tatarstan.

True connoisseurs of tasty food and famous dishes gourmets will really appreciate the huge catalog, where can you find:

” Kazan kitchen;

” The Tatar national cuisine;

” Russian kitchen;

” Italian food;

” Georgian cuisine;

” European dishes;

Also guest expect: salmon salad, breathtaking dessert dishes, grilled sausages, Caesar salad with seafood, chicken Tabaka, grilled vegetables – yum!

To book a table at this establishment couldn't be simpler. Keep touch with our Manager, and we will choose a suitable landing place! In this case, work is being done round the clock and we will be happy to meet You at any time of the day! Come, cool vacation You provided!