On the street. Baumana in Kazan karaoke bar

On the street. Baumana in Kazan karaoke bar

On the street. Baumana in Kazan karaoke bar

On the street. Baumana in Kazan karaoke bar. Houdini – fashion, extraordinary room, with original interior and excellent menu. In this place You can arrange spiritual gatherings in the company of women for geographical wine, to place an order for a nice dinner with the second half, skip the beer on tap in the society of close friends on the summer terrace, great time for a delicious lunch! Our cafe is located two minutes walk from the Kremlin and present each guest an elegant and refined atmosphere. Needless to say, like only on weekdays, as the evening of the day in the bar Houdini planned big parties, fades into the pre-dawn after-party.

Wall color Marengo is full of activities, the most famous illusionist – G. Houdini. As he, we hit all our clients the highest quality service, a luxurious atmosphere for any company, and a huge menu, composed of hundreds of dishes and a stunning assortment list of drink.

Connoisseurs appetizing to eat and gourmets renowned signature dishes will appreciate our special menu:

” European kitchen;

” Italian cuisine;

” Georgian menu;

” Russian dishes;

” Dishes from the Kazan region;

” Tatar national menu;

If You are curious, why You should visit cafe Houdini, here's a little list of those experiences, You can get here:

” Bright aroma of Italian pizza in a big assortment set.

” A broad list of delicious dishes.

” Real BBQ real barbecue made of stone.

” Modern café-bar on Bauman in city.

” Over 35 names of wine, 10 types of beer, 40 varieties of elite alcohol.

” More 25 the unique flavors of hookahs of different strength.

Here You can drink alcoholic beverages on any pretext and for any company:

” Whiskey in a wide range;

” Gin, tequila, rum and other prestigious spirits;

” Popular wine;

” Best beer on tap;

Also guests can not wait: vegetables on the grill, chicken Tabaka, salad with red fish, breathtaking sweets, Caesar salad with shrimp, grilled Bavarian sausages – Sam would eat!

To book a table in the bar Houdini is not difficult. Please call our administrator, and we will choose for You a suitable table! It is important that, we work 24\7 and we will be happy to meet You at the highest level at any time of the day!