Barbecue in Houdini on the street. Baumana in Kazan reviews

Barbecue in Houdini on the street. Baumana in Kazan reviews

Barbecue in Houdini on the street. Baumana in Kazan reviews

Barbecue in Houdini on the street. Baumana in Kazan reviews. You will be taken to popular, a unique place, with an impeccable menu and original interior. In this place You will be able to order a pleasant dinner with a favorite, sincerely welcome to relax in the company of women, to nip draught beer with friends on the summer porch, good to pass the time for a delicious lunch! Our location in the city centre (we are located minutes from the Kremlin) и представляем гостям приятную и модную ауру. Needless to say, like only on weekdays, так как вечером выходного дня в Гудини устраиваются колоссальные тусовки, fades into the pre-dawn after-party.

Стены цвета маренго насыщены духом популярного иллюзиониста – G. Houdini. Also as he impressed all his contemporaries with the unique illusion, так и наш пивбар восхищает гостей изысканной обстановкой для любой компании, pleasant service, and in addition elegant menu, которое состоит из сотен фирменных блюд и удивительным ассортиментным перечнем горячительных напитков.

Provided, that still, You are curious, therefore, You should visit our cafe, we present only a small list of impressions:

” Over 35 names of wine, 10 types of beer, 40 varieties of elite alcohol.

” Bright aroma of Italian pizza in a big assortment set.

” Real BBQ real barbecue made of stone.

” More 25 the unique flavors of hookahs of different strength.

” Modern café-bar on Bauman in city.

” A broad list of delicious dishes.

Настоящие ценители вкусно поесть и гурманы популярных яств действительно расценят наше большое меню:

” Georgian menu;

” Russian dishes;

” European kitchen;

” Tatar national menu;

” Italian cuisine;

” Dishes from the Kazan region;

Здесь Вы можете испробовать алкогольные напитки для различной компании и по любому поводу:

” Tequila, gin, rum and other selected beverages;

” Prestigious wine;

” Real whiskey;

” The most delicious beer on tap;

Also the customer waiting: salad with salmon, mind-blowing dessert dishes, Caesar salad with seafood, delicious sausages Munich, chicken Tabaka, vegetables on the grill – extraordinary yummy!

To reserve a place here just. Call our phone number, and we will choose for You optimal table! In this case, бар работает круглосуточно и мы всегда рады встретить Вас в любое время суток!