To book a table in the Houdini on the street. Baumana in Kazan

To book a table in the Houdini on the street. Baumana in Kazan

To book a table in the Houdini on the street. Baumana in Kazan

To book a table in the Houdini on the street. Baumana in Kazan. Здесь можно оформить заказ на приятный ужин с любимым человеком, пропустить бокальчик разливного пивка в компании близких товарищей на летней веранде, mentally sit with my best friends for geographical wine, great to chat over a family dinner! Houdini – fashion, a unique premise, with an impeccable menu and original interior. Our location in the center of Kazan (we are in 2 the minutes from the Kremlin at a slow pace) и представляем каждому клиенту изысканную и модную обстановку. Of course, like only on weekdays, так как в вечер week-enda в нашем баре организовываются умопомрачительные тусовки, which gradually becomes a morning afterparty.

Элегантные стены окрашенные в цвета маренго словно насыщены духом самого известного иллюзиониста Harry Houdini. Точно также как он потрясал современников утонченным иллюзионом, так же и мы ошеломляем посетителей качественным сервисом, chic atmosphere, besides a great assortment of drink and a large menu, which consists of many dishes.

In the case, if You are curious, why You should pay a visit to our cafe, представляем Вам только маленький перечень впечатлений, that You can get here:

” Huge list of delicious dishes.

” Juicy authentic stone BBQ on the grill.

” More 35 tastes of exquisite hookahs.

” Over 35 names of wine, 40 varieties of elite alcohol, 10 types of beer.

” The legendary coffee shop in the city.

” Bright aroma of Italian pizza.

Connoisseurs of tasty food and gourmet international specialties are really regarded huge catalog:

” Kazan menu;

” Italian food;

” European menu;

” Russian kitchen;

” Georgian menu;

” Tatar national dishes;

Здесь Вы можете вкусить спиртные напитки по любому предлогу и для самой разной компании:

” Real whiskey;

” Rum, gin, tequila and other drinks;

” Prestigious wine;

” Delicious beer on tap;

And, delicious desserts, vegetables on the grill, grilled Munich sausages, salmon salad, chicken Tabaka, Caesar salad with shrimp – yum!

Book your place here is very simple. Keep touch with our Manager, and we will find You good seats! With all this, work is being done round the clock and we are always happy to welcome You in any time! Come join us, cool relaxation are guaranteed!