Establishments on the street. Baumana in Kazan

Establishments on the street. Baumana in Kazan

Establishments on the street. Baumana in Kazan

Establishments on the street. Baumana in Kazan. Houdini – it is a popular, the exceptional place, with an impeccable menu and original interior. In our bar you can spend a wonderful time for a delicious lunch, triple pleasant dinner with your loved, tête-à-tête with friends, miss a glass of delicious beer on tap in the society of close friends on the summer terrace! Our cafe is in 2 minutes ' walk from the Kremlin and ready to provide You with an elegant and cosy atmosphere. Of course, it is only in weekdays, as evening weekend in Houdini planned big parties, which fades into morning afterparty.

The elegant walls of the room in the colors of Marengo is rich in the spirit of the famous magician – G. Houdini. He stunned all his contemporaries exquisite work, similarly our establishment surprises guests convenient maintenance, a refined environment for any company, besides the extensive menu, which consists of a mass of food and damaging the range of drink.

If you still, You are curious, why You need to visit our bar, here's merely a small list of emotions:

” Bright aroma of Italian pizza in a big assortment set.

” A broad list of delicious dishes.

” More 25 the unique flavors of hookahs of different strength.

” Modern café-bar on Bauman in city.

” Real BBQ real barbecue made of stone.

” Over 35 names of wine, 10 types of beer, 40 varieties of elite alcohol.

In Houdini You can try out alcoholic beverages for any reason and for various companies:

” Tequila, rum, gene and the rest of prestigious alcoholic beverages;

Популярные виды виски;

” The most delicious draught beer;

” Selected wine;

True connoisseurs relish to eat and gourmets famous signature dishes really regarded a great assortment, which includes:

” European kitchen;

” Dishes from the Kazan region;

” Tatar national menu;

” Italian cuisine;

” Georgian menu;

” Russian dishes;

In excess of the above, You are waiting for: delicious desserts, chicken Tabaka, salad with red fish, grilled vegetables, Caesar salad with shrimp, grilled sausages – objetosci!

To book a table at this establishment couldn't be simpler. Call our phone, and we will find You a suitable table! With all this, the school takes clients round the clock and we are always happy to welcome You at any time of the day or night! We are waiting for You in our bar!